2019 Scholarship Award – News Release


Immediate Release Requested

The lrv Hoffman Silver Haired Legislature Nursing Scholarship was awarded at the annual Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (KSHL) Banquet on Wednesday evening October 3rd.  The $1,000 Nursing Scholarship went to Bethanie Courtney of Lawrence, KS.  Bethanie is attending Pittsburg State University, pursuing her BSN degree and plans to pursue a career helping seniors with their health care issues. 

The $1,000 scholarship is a onetime scholarship for students in professional nursing programs who are interested in nursing older adults. Monies for the scholarship are donated by the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (SHL).  The scholarship recipient is selected by a committee from the Silver Haired Legislature.

For those interested in applying for the 2020 scholarship, you can go to the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature website at Kansas-SHL.org, or directly to the application page at: http://kansas-shl.org/index.php/scholarships/irv-hoffman-shl-nursing-scholarship-app/.

The KSHL was created by resolution of the Kansas Legislature in 1982 to focus on senior issues. Every county in Kansas plus 20 additional members from four populous counties have a voice in the KSHL.  Kansas presently has over 650,000 seniors with more joining senior ranks daily.  The KSHL’s purpose is to inform Kansas Legislators of senior concerns and priorities. KSHL exists to focus on issues of Kansans over the age of 60.