As Amended by SHL Committee

A RESOLUTION urging the Kansas Legislature to increase maintain the current funding for the
Kansas Senior Care Act and keep current statutory eligibility requirements.

WHEREAS, The Kansas Senior Care Act was established in 1989 by the Kansas Legislature
with overwhelming bipartisan support in order to assist older Kansans who have functional limitations
that restrict their ability to carry out activities of daily living and impede their ability to live
independently; and

WHEREAS, The Kansas Senior Care Act is a non-Medicaid program that offers residents of
Kansas over the age of 60 the opportunity to receive in-home and preventative services at a reduced
cost based on the person’s ability to pay; and

WHEREAS, The Kansas Legislature appropriates funds to the Kansas Department for Aging
and Disability Services to allocate to Area Agencies on Aging who administer the program; and

WHEREAS, The Area Agencies on Aging in Kansas serve all 105 counties in the state and each
agency works hard to meet the needs of Kansans requiring long-term care services and supports; and

WHEREAS, Without more funding for services through the Kansas Senior Care Act, as the
Kansas population continues to age and the costs of services increase, seniors will be forced to do
without necessary services or enter nursing homes Current statute, K.S.A. 75-5928, directs services be
provided to Kansas seniors aged 60 years or older and such age requirement should remain as is; and

WHEREAS, The continued support and funding of the Kansas Senior Care Act program by the
Kansas Legislature is imperative for the health and quality of life for Kansas seniors: Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Silver Haired Legislature of the State of Kansas: That the Kansas
Legislature is urged to increase maintain funding for the Kansas Senior Care Act and keep current
statutory eligibility requirements.