2021 Executive Board Minutes

Kansas Silver Hair Legislator Bi-Annual Meeting
Minutes, May 27, 2021, 1:30 pm
Geary County Senior Center

Ross calls the Ex-Board officers Bi-Annual meeting to order at 2:45pm. Secretary Donna Lehane does a roll call for certification of quorum. We have a quorum for those in attendance.

Ross asks for approval of the agenda, Donna Lehane motions and Chuck Schmidt approves.

There is NO Old Business.

Floor is open for nominations for President and Jay Rowh PSA-8 nominates Ross Boelling PSA-8 and Donna Lehane 2nd the nomination. Chuck Schmidt motions to cease nominations and it’s 2nd, Ross is approved as President. Ross speaks to those in attendance of his past, his Fire Marshall experience and that he’s looking forward to working with everyone.

Ross opens the floor for nominations of 1st Vice President; Donna Lehane nominates Katy Hoffman and Gary Scott PSA-11 2nd the nomination. Nominations cease and Katy is approved as 1st Vice President.

Ross opens the floor for nominations of 2nd Vice President and Donna Lehane nominates Thomas Gordon PSA-1 and Gary Scott 2nd the nomination. Gary motions that nominations cease, Donna 2nd and Gordon is approved as 2nd Vice President.

Secretary Donna Lehane swears in the newly elected officers. Ross as President appoints and swears in Secretary Donna Lehane and Treasure Gary Scott.

Ross discusses positions of committee Chairs and Vice Chairs and how he’s appointed each to their positions. Chairs and Vice Chairs can appoint the rest of their committee. He has a separate attachment of these duties.

Ross brings up the fact we’ve lost and need to get back our 5013C status. Gary Scott tells us he has been working with a CPA firm and a letter has been mailed to the IRS. It was mailed back in October 2020 and he’s not heard anything back on it. Gary tells Ross he’ll email a copy of the letter that was sent. The CPA firm has not charged us anything yet as they work with these types of situations.

A July 15th meeting is discussed, tentative in Salina at the Library from 10:00am to 4:00pm. More information to follow on this meeting once it’s checked into.

Ross would like ALL PSA Chairs to get their resolutions into him no later than two (2) weeks before the July meeting.

Jay Rowh suggests that we follow up on the October meeting, moving to the Hilton, checking with school bus services and any other issues surrounding this meeting. Randall brings up the Cap Plaza Hotel. There is a lot of discussions on where to stay. Ross delegates this to the committee and that’ the Hilton has already been reserved. Jay will report back more on this in our July meeting.

Donna Lehane motions to adjourn, it’s 2nd and meeting is adjourned at 3:18pm – approved.

Donna M. Lehane
Secretary PSA-2 Chair