39th Annual Session Minutes

Kansas Silver Hair Legislation 
Annual Meeting – BY ZOOM 
November 16, 2021 

Those in attendance by zoom (and recorded) are as follows: 

PSA-1 * Jacques Barber  /  Thomas Gordon  /  Elton Hale Jr.  /  Deloris Pinkard / Alford Rangel / Sherri Grogan   

PSA-2 * Donna Lehane  /  Barbara Bunting  /  Charlie King /  

PSA-3 * Janice Shobe /  Allen Schmidt /  Steve Watts  /    

PSA-4 * Willard Epling  /  Paula Hladky  /  Carolyn Brady  /  Don Woodard / Georgia Masten 

PSA-5 * Vickie McDonald-Winans  /  

PSA-6 * Gayle Anderson  / Steve Brom  /  Juanita Parker  /  Diana Beebe  /  Dorothy Ziesch 

PSA-7 * Clarence Hermann  /  Bill Otto  /  Ida Wilson / Rogene McPherson / Jim Payne 

PSA-8 * Frank Catalo  /  Cherie Birkbeck  /  Ross Boeling  /  Ross Hill  /  Memory Maginley  /  Cynthia Nelson  /  Jay Rowh  /  Barbara Smith / Janice (Jan) McCormick / Janet (Jan) Kimbrell / Darrell Riekenberg / Randall Hardy 

PSA-9 * Gil Bunning  /  Herb Gwaltney  /  Joyce Simpson  /  Pamela Bachman  /  Anna Wilhelm 

PSA-10 * Carmen Booz  /  Faye Melton  /  Mary Nichols  /  Leonard Scheufler / Mary Nichols 

PSA-11 * Katy Hoffman / Gary Scott / 

KSHL President Ross Boelling calls our Annual meeting by zoom to order at 9:00am on November 16, 2021. Because of COVID we have not been able to have in person meetings and until we got a zoom meeting system launched, had not be meeting. Ross speaks about the 17 members of the Ad-Hoc committee that have been meeting every other week since it started in late October.  

Ross reminds everyone that from his end the meeting will be recorded, yet Secretary Donna Lehane will be taking some simple notes.  

Ross shows us a Leadership video and then talks about the 1 (one) scholarship award that we have given out. 

We have an in person video presentation by Dr. Lee Norman and he has a slide show with graphs and speaks to additional information that goes along with his slide presentation. Ross asks a question about the “uninsured vs. insured and the cost of hospitalization. Dr. Norman tells us that the stays are longer as it’s now the “younger” people who are hospitalized and they tend to LIVE longer. 

10:21am and Leslie Anderson from K4AD is on by another in person video with a slide show also. 

11:06am break till 11:15am  

Randall Hardy brings the Annual meeting to order with a presentation of the colors and pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. He introduces Jan Kimbrell (PSA 8) who gives us our Invocation and Bryan Caskey (sp?) from the Scty of State Office who administered the Oath of Office. Roll call is then taken and Randall recognizes the Speaker Pro Tem who proceeds into our adoption of Rules and Resolutions. Motion and second to adopt the Rules – approved. 

Jay Rowh makes an overall motion to bring forth and approve Resolutions 3901 – 3907, it’s seconded by Frank Catalo (PSA 8)– approved by all.  Jay explains 3901 and there’s a question asked by Sherri Grogan, and Chris Waggoner from the State Revisors Office will need to look up and bring back an answer to her question. There’s much discussion on wording in the resolution and Katy makes a motion to remove all language that states age 60 – 64, Donna seconded the motion. 3901 is approved with this revision. 

Resolution 3902, 3903, 3904, 3905, 3906 and 3907 are approved without any revisions. It’s mentioned that on 3905 that Tom Holland presented last year a Bill on this and it had favorable discussion. Discussion also included the State of Kans would refund that County the tax reduced or restricted. The reimbursement would come out of the State General Fund. 

There was another overall motion to accept Resolution 3901 with revisions and 3902, 3903, 3904, 3905, 3906 and 3907 to be accepted as is. Motion was second and everyone in attendance approved the overall motion. 

Resolutions are as follows 

3901 Medicaid Expansion (with revisions) 

3902 Wireless Broadband 

3903 Fully Fund KPERS 

3904 Community Based Transportation 

3905 Support Senate Bill No. 76 or similar legislation (taxes) 

3906 Legalize Expanded Medical Cannabis 

3907 Grandparent Rights 

Business concluded and meeting adjourned (1:19pm) until our next Annual business meeting, the first part of October, 2022. 

Minutes recorded by Secretary 
Donna Lehane  
Chair PSA-2 
Secretary for the Ex-Board