37th Annual Session News Release

News Release

Kansas Silver Haired Legislature wraps up their 37th Session in Topeka

Topeka – When the final gavel sounded October 3rd, the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (KSHL) successfully concluded their 37th annual legislative session. Sixty-two members of the statewide KSHL met in the Kansas House on October 2nd and 3rd to discuss and debate seven issues of importance to Kansas Seniors.  Every county in Kansas plus 20 additional members from four populous counties have a voice in the KSHL.  Kansas presently has over 650,000 seniors with more joining senior ranks daily.  The KSHL’s purpose is to inform Kansas Legislators of senior concerns and priorities.

The KSHL was created by resolution of the Kansas Legislature in 1982 to focus on senior issues. KSHL exists to focus on issues of Kansans over the age of 60.  When created, the Legislature gave the KSHL a voice to their deliberations through committee access to deliver Resolutions and Bills directly into the Legislative process.  

This session passed six resolutions and one bill that will be presented in January to the Kansas Legislature during their 2020 session. 

Six resolutions were passed unanimously by the KSHL legislative body.  They were:
• Resolution 3701 supporting the expansion of Medicaid in Kansas provided that the Federal Government pay the promised 90% share;
• Resolution 3702 supporting the continuation and expansion of collaborative community-based transportation systems;
• Resolution 3703 urging the Kansas Legislature to exempt purchases of food from Kansas Sales Tax;
• Resolution 3704 urging the Kansas Legislature for full funding of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) and requests some type of cost of living raise;
• Resolution 3705 urging the Legislature and Governor to continue to protect grandparent’s rights regarding the placement, legal guardianship, and adoption of grandchildren who need care; And
• KSHL Bill 3703 asking for changes in the Kansas Senior Care Act to improve aging and disability services designed to keep people in their home and out of institutions. Specifically, this bill authorizes additional care for oral hygiene, vision, hearing and feet. 

One issue passed by a 53 to six vote. 

• Resolution 3706 places the KSHL on record supporting the expansion of medicinal cannabis that contains 0% tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis).  This would in NO way turn Kansas into Colorado or California as the bills we would support would be very narrow in scope. 

The KSHL works with the Kansas Legislature to make sure legislators understand the importance of these issues to Kansas’ seniors.  Visit <Kansas-SHL.org> to learn more about the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature.