Resolution 3503


NO. 3503

A RESOLUTION urging the legislature and the governor to fully fund all KPERS obligations and to stop delaying KPERS employer contributions in order to balance the state general fund.

WHEREAS, Many Kansas seniors are members and participants in KPERS; and

WHEREAS, Active KPERS members have always been required to make their full contribution each month while also having to increase their contribution by 50%; and

WHEREAS, KPERS members expected their employer to likewise contribute diligently each month, and trusted the state of Kansas to uphold their end of the law by funding KPERS as prescribed by state statute; and

WHEREAS, The state has shorted the system many times, and has delayed KPERS employer contribution payments to build a more positive state general fund balance. Such delays of contribution payments and continual underfunding by the legislature and the governor put the entire KPERS program in both short-term and long-term jeopardy: Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Silver Haired Legislature of the State of Kansas: That we urge the Kansas legislature and governor to fully fund KPERS each year and to stop delaying employer contribution payments.