2018 Executive Board Minutes

Opening Session Minutes.
October 3, 2018 Morning Session

8:00 Posting of Colors
8:10 Swearing in- Eric Rucker, Office of Secretary of State
8:15 Shawn Sullivan — Office of the Governor
         Overview of upcoming election
         SHL Issues from Legislative Standpoint
8:30 Ann Elifrits Commissioner on Commission on Aging
         Older Kansas Services Available
         Senior Care Act through AAA
         Medicare Programs — SHICK
8:45 Roll Call — Darlene Riggs, Secretary SHI- 63 present
8:55 Jane Gingles — Adopted rules of SHI- (pf. 11-16 of Handbook).
8:57 Introduction of Guests
         Waived the reading of the bills
9:00 Ada Bogart, SHL Floor Leader
         Moved to adjourn, go to committee.

A.M. Session – Sean Sullivan
         Budget $17 billion
         State general fund — tax collection 7 billion
         Exp -50 school
         – social services — majority KanCare services

  1. Question about education after supreme court edit 200/300 million additional
  2. Highway funds 1.5 billion (Ibil fed) rest in sales tax
  3. KPERS -18 Bill assests, only 6096 funded, now
  4. Medicaid
    1. Strong stat and fed economy
    2. Fed would fall —tax cuts 25mil
    3. Sports gambling- Legalize — 25 million tax revenue
    4. Online Sales Taz — law changes 50- to 150 million
    5. Revise of standards
  5. Commission Older American Act 1965 KDAD
  6. State Senior Care Act
    1. Sliding fee scale
    2. Age in palce
  7. Opening on commission — contact legislature.
  8. June — Government
    1. Alzheime<s disease task force
    2. Experts
    3. Reccommendations
    4. Only state without alzheimer’s commission
    5. Report due 1/19\
  9. 9) Roll call 57

First resolution
Bill Otto (PSA 7) attorney read resolution
Otto asked for comments pro/cons

Don Menard commented on 81 Connection (Public Transportation Belleville to Concordia) need transport to spine center

Minutes October 3, 2018 Afternoon Session

Don Woodard called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m.

Ada Bogart, Floor leader, made a motion to move the SHI- go into committee of the whole for consideration of bills and resolutions. Motion carried.

Bobby Walker PSA 4, Chair for Committee 1, moved the adoption of the committee report.

Resolutions 3601, 3602, and 3603 all passed

Committee report was accepted

3601 KPERS Funding – passed by majority vote
3602 KPERS Cola — passed by majority vote
3603 Expansion of Medicaid — passed by majority vote

Thomas Gordon PSA 1 Brought discussion to the floor about Medicaid.

Don Menard PSA8, member of committee 2, moved the adoption of the committee report.
         No amendments

3609 Sales Tax Issues- passed
3604 KDOT Transportation — passed
3607 Sport Wagering —passed

Jacque Barber PSA 1, co- chair for committee 3, moved to adoption of the committee reports

3606 Grandparent Rights
          Mentioned that there would have custody of kids under 10 years old.
3605 SCA – passed
3608 Medical Cannabis

Janice Walker PSA6 — came to the front to make amendment about the medical cannabis resolution. Talked about how there was a speaker that came to talk to them about the ways that it could help with chronic pain, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, ect. Also talked about how people would transfer to Colorado to be able to use the medical marijuana.

Steve Brom PSA 6, Moved to Vote — Seconded by Carmon Booz PSA 10 to change marijuana to Cannabis throughout 3608.

Gary Scott PSA 11, A motion was made to change the wording to Medical uses and medical application of cannabis in the 3608.
        Seconded by Linda Vick PSA6

Carmen Booz PSA6 — brought discussion to the floor about proposed amendment was
        grammatically incorrect.

Gary Scott PSA 11 — brought discussion to the floor that it was a double negative and was correctly written.

Darlene Riggs Secretary took the podium for a Yes/No vote
        Yes: 23 No:28 Obtained:

Jane Gingles PSA 8 — gave reasoning for her vote
Linda Vick PSA6 — wants to pass it but wants it grammatically correct.
Thomas Gordon PSA 1- explained his vote.
Gary Scott PSAII came back up to the stand to revise the amendment to say, Medical uses of cannabis.
            Seconded by Gale Anderson PSA8
            Motion passed by raise of hands
            Jacque Barber PSA 1 — Motion carried

Ada Bogart Silver Haired Legislature floor leader — motioned for reports

Jane Gingles PSA 8- adoption of committee reports

President Jay Rowh gave the announcements

Meeting adjourned at 2:27 by Don Woodard

Silver Haired Legislatures – Minutes of October 4, 2018.

Don Woodard Called meeting to order @8:19
Secretary Darlene Riggs — called roll. 55 present.

President Jay Rowh PSA8 — presented a gavel to Jane Gingles.
Secretary Darlene Riggs — came to podium to do the Yes/No voting on the resolutions.

3601 KPERS Funding – 53 Yes. O No. O Obstained – Declared passed
3602 KPERS Cola —53 Yes. 1 No. O Obstained. — Declared passed
3603 Expansion of Medicaid in Kansas — 53 Yes. O No. O Obstained. — Declared passed
3604 KDOT Transportation — 54 Yes. O No. O Obstained— Declared passed
3605 SCA — 53 Yes. 0 No. O Obstained. — Declared passed
3606 Grandparents Rights — 52 Yes. O No. O Obstained— Declared passed
3607 Sports Wagering — 44 Yes. 5 No. 2 Obstained. — Declared passed
3608 Medical Cannabis — 48 Yes. 1 No. 3 Obstained. — Declared passed
          Ron Etchison PSA8 – explained his vote about the concerns of the future marijuana use.
          Jane Gingles PSA8 — Explained vote.
3609 Sales Tax, lower on food and higher on internet sales. — 50 Yes. 2 No. O Obstained

President Jay Rowh PSA 8 gave an announcement about the importance of voting.

Floor leader Ada Bogart PSA 6 – motioned to adjourn

Adjourned at 10:06 a.m.