News Release SHL Issues Meeting – 2019

Hello SHL delegates, and especially the Executive Board members – The date for the mid-summer SHL Executive Board meeting has been confirmed as Wednesday, July 31st, at the Salina Public Library.  The meeting will begin at 1:00 PM.  The meeting is open to the general public, as well as to all SHL members, and they are allowed to contribute to the discussion.  However, only the Executive Board members are allowed to vote.  The primary purpose of the meeting is to discuss and debate the issues brought to the board by the 11 PSA’s across Kansas, and narrow those down to the select few that will be presented to the entire SHL body at the Annual Session (October 1-3) in Topeka.  Those issues that receive favorable passage at the Annual Session are they issues that we will bring to the Kansas Legislature at the 2020 Kansas Legislative Session.

If you are a newly elected PSA chair, please let me know so I can add your name to our Executive Board list.  Also, please forward the issues voted on by your PSA to be presented to the Board so we can get those to all the board members prior to the meeting for their review.  Thank you for getting this information to me for proper re-distribution to the Board.

We will also elect a president and vice-president of the Executive Board that day at the start of the meeting, plus hear the report from the By-Laws Committee on possible changes to the By-Laws that may be presented to the full SHL body at the annual Session. Our role is to decide if we want it presented to the full body.  The debate will take place in Topeka.

As you can see, we will have plenty to do that day, so make every attempt to be there if you are an Executive Board member.  See you then. — Jay Rowh, SHL president