2017 Executive Board Minutes

Tuesday Evening SHL Executive Board – October 3, 2017 Topeka Ramada Inn

Meeting was called to order by President Jay Rowh, welcoming those present.

Introduction of those present (17).  President Jay Rowh introduced committee chairpersons.  Don Woodard made motion that Minutes of the Executive Board be approved.  Seconded and Carried.

Bill Otto inquired as to whether or not a person serving as a member of Congress could serve as a Silver Haired Legislator.  Matter was discussed.

Report of officers: None Special reports: None

Proposed Website was reviewed and Jay advised that it should be up and running by November 1st.  They are working with North Central Kansas Technical.  Thomas Gordon inquired as to compensation for website and updating.  Matter was discussed.  Jay advised that maybe later we would discuss compensation.

Jerry Keene and Thomas Gordon inquired as to the possibility of writing up a letter advising Legislators that senior citizens are 500,00 strong and knowledgeable persons and asking if they support senior issues.

Discussed pursing delegates for the open counties – those that do not have a current representative.  Discussed the possibility of sending out letters to Seniors and Senior Centers that do not have a representatives present at the SHL meetings to have them make contact with others and see if they can get a member to represent their county and support the SHL.  Jerry Keene made motion, seconded by Gary Scott that we send letters out.  Motion carried.  Also discussed other funding possibilities.

Discussed further the succession order of officers.

President inquired as to whether or not we should do something honoring a current member who dies during the year.  Maybe with a card.

President inquired as to whether or not SHL should send a bill out to the Seniors listed as a SHL member but not attending the meeting for the $10.00 for the Nursing Scholarship Fund.  Eileen Hawkins advised that it should be only for the Scholarship Fund.

Concerns, questions and comments regarding the general welfare of SHL were made.

Motion made and seconded that the Executive Board meeting be adjourned.  Seconded and carried.


Darlene Riggs, Secretary